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centered. connected. movement. dancing from the inside out.


Ballet Esprit is committed to serving its community by offering preprofessional quality training in classical ballet and classical modern dance education within a holistic environment through Revolutionary Principles of Movement, complementing all traditional styles implemented in our syllabus, such as ABT, RAD, Cechetti and Vagonava.

Our school serves students of all ages with varying goals and aspirations who desire to study dance on a yearly basis.

Derived from our own innate ability to originate and sustain dynamic moment working with kinesiology and anatomy, our syllabus is a road to success; the freedom of movement making ballet for every body.

Our faculty supports the love of dance and encourages each individual to reach his or her maximum potential; body, mind and soul.

Our comprehensive training teaches discipline and appreciation for the beauty of art as well as the sheer joy and science of dance based on continual research in kinesiology through RPM under Master Teachers, Cheryl Ale, Wes Chapman and Amy Lowe.

Our partnerships with PBS Educate station, The Wauhatchie Forest School and The Hunter Museum of American Art add to our comprehensive training through discipline and appreciation for the beauty of art as well as the sheer joy of dancing.

Our technical studies continue throughout the academic year with a mid-summer intensive and another during winter break for ages eight and up, to maximize the chance to advance while adding guest artists to our program. 

Seasonal performance experiences provide a creative outlet, produce a sense of confidence and responsibility, and allow students to use their gifts with a sense of purpose within a supportive community.

May the growth developed at Ballet Esprit be rooted and grounded in love. 

– Sarah Yvonne,

Ballet Esprit

Modern Ballet Theatre and School of Modern Ballet

Artistic, Education and Founding Director

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