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On behalf of our faculty and staff, I want to welcome you to our school! 

We believe that providence has brought you to us and we appreciate the privilege of teaching you! 

We believe in fostering a creative passion for dance using quality, classical foundations in a mindful environment. 

At Ballet Esprit, we build a solid framework for each individual student's artistry to unfurl. 

It is our passion to provide training through classes and performances that will enable students to cultivate their talents. 

It is our goal to help students discover their unique gifts and the innate value that lies within. 

You are special to us; we are here to support and guide as you pursue your dance education. 

May you be richly blessed with joy in the discipline of ballet, movement and all that comes of your time with us. 


Grounded and Rooted in Love, 


Sarah Yvonne 

Founding Director




Ballet Esprit is committed to serving its community by offering quality instruction in classical ballet and dance education within a holistic environment. Our school serves students of all ages with varying goals and aspirations who desire to study dance. Our faculty supports the love of dance and encourages each individual to reach his or her maximum potential; body, mind and soul. Our comprehensive training teaches discipline and appreciation for the beauty of art as well as the sheer joy of dancing. Performing experiences provide a creative outlet, produce a sense of confidence and responsibility, allowing students to use their gifts with a sense of purpose within a supportive community. May the growth developed at Ballet Esprit be rooted and grounded in love. 




Class Levels: 

Ballet Esprit reserves the right to determine the class level for every student through its evaluation procedures regardless of prior, recent, or current training. 


New Students: 

Students who are new to Ballet Esprit and are interested in the Enrichment Division or Intensive Division, will be required to take a placement class. Faculty recommendation will determine a student's placement in a class appropriate to his/her ability. Students and parents will be notified. 


Current Students: 

Our teachers determine the readiness of each student to advance divisions. Advancement occurs on an individual basis when the progress of the individual student has warranted moving to the next level technically, physically, and intellectually.



  • Please refer to the current year’s brochure for pricing. 

  • Tuition is based on a full academic year. 

  • Payments may be made annually, in two or four installments (other arrangements can be made through your Dance Studio Pro Account). 

Tuition Payment Schedule:

  • Yearly or Semesterly payment due on or before August 15, 2023

  • Split Pay 1st Payment is August 15, 2022. 2nd Payment is Due March 15, 2024.

  • Quarterly Split Pay // 1st Installment is Due August 15, 2023

    • 2nd Installment is Due October 15, 2023

    • 3rd Installment is Due January 15, 2024

    • 4th Installment is Due March 15, 2024

  • Adult students are offered the option of purchasing a dance card for $75 -150 or individual drop-in classes for $20 per class


Semesterly Costume Rental & Performance Fee:

Due on or before October 15, 2023 and March 15, 2024

  • Payments may be made by Cash or Check, PayPal / or Venmo / @BalletEsprit or through your DANCE STUDIO PRO account. 

  • Check your account through your parent portal. These portal links will be sent to your email upon class confirmation postings. 


Late Payment: 

  • Please be aware that we do not send statements. 

  • A 10% late fee will be charged to all accounts with a past due balance after 5 days.



  • If you choose to withdraw your child from ballet, please contact the Ballet Office,

  • This cannot be done through a third party. 

  • Telling your child’s teacher is not sufficient. 

  • Notification of withdrawal before September 28, 2023 or February 28, 2024 will release any future tuition commitment. 

  • Full semester tuition will be required if withdrawal notification occurs after September 28, 2023 or February 28, 2024.


Costume & Performance Fee: 

  • This includes Rehearsal Skirts, Costume Rental, and Performance Fees.

  • Full payment of this fee is due on or before October 15, 2023, & March 15, 2024. 

  • Students will not be permitted to perform if there is any overdue account balance at the end of the year (June 15, 2024). 

  • If you withdraw your child after we have ordered costumes (by mid March, 2024), you will still be responsible for the costume, and a refund will not be issued. 


Class Cancellation: 

A minimum of 4 students is required for a class to commence. A minimum of 3 students is required for a class to continue. Should class enrollment drop below 3 students anytime during the academic year, the director will work with the parents to find suitable placement in another class within the same level. 



  • For registration – if a student registers for classes and we are unable to place them in a class by Thanksgiving, the registration fee is not refunded, but used to hold the place for the child’s class the next quarter. 

  • For tuition – in the event a student is unable to continue classes due to medical reasons or a family move, please contact the ballet office to discuss the account. 

  • For costumes – Costume fees will be refunded only if costumes have not been ordered for the student.



  • Excused absences include: sickness, family emergency, or a required-for-a-grade activity for academic school. 

  • Excused absences due to injury require a doctor’s note. 

  • We cannot stress enough the importance of NOT MISSING CLASSES. 

  • Regular and consistent attendance is important to prevent injuries. 

  • The progress of the entire class is hindered when class must be stopped to re-teach what was missed at an earlier session. 

  • We have also found that when students feel a lack of confidence in their class work because of inadequate preparation, they become discouraged with their dancing in general. 

  • If a student does need to miss class, you may call or email. The teacher will be notified. 

  • Spring Performance June 15, 2024 - Students may have to be excused from the
    spring production if they incur more than two unexcused absences after May 1, 2024.


Make-up Classes

  • Students can make up a missed class in any complementary class of the same level or a level below.

  • See the current fall brochure or website schedule of classes for days and times.

  • Students making up a class should call or email to confirm. The teacher will be notified. 



Inclement Weather Days and Holiday Schedule

  • If classes are already in progress, please see the Social Media and website posts for instructions regarding dance classes.

  • Ballet Esprit follows its own closings for inclement weather, Holiday Schedule and Calendar, regardless of Hamilton County. 

  • Check social media, especially the Facebook Community Village Group Page and Instagram for reminders as well as our Ballet Esprit Calendar.



  • Students should arrive and depart promptly using the same entrances as exits.

  • Please park in designated areas as erosion is a constant threat to the Lakeside property. DO NOT drive down the hill past the shelter to drop off your dancer at the Allegro Studio. Teachers will escort your children up the hill to the shelter after class, if the ride is unable to make the walk. 

  • If possible, students ages 7 + should arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to prepare for class. 

    • Students may be prohibited from taking class and will be asked to observe, take notes & work on conditioning exercises, if they arrive after the first 15 minutes of class.

    • This is not a punishment; it is a precaution for the physical safety of the dancer. 

    • The student should remain and watch the rest of class and will be counted as present. 

    • If the student does not observe class, she/he will be marked absent. 

  • Please pick up students promptly after class. Teachers will deliver students back to their parents from the entrances. We ask that parents please limit the amount of time spent in the lobbies and entrances due to the pandemic.  

  • After dusk, Intensive and Enrichment students MUST wait indoors for their ride and should be picked up as close to class ending as possible. 



  • In light of covid 19 health policies, we ask that parents do not wait inside the buildings during classes. Restrooms are available in the Main House for emergencies. 

  • Also, when coming and going: Please be mindful that classes need quiet to be productive. 

  • Please keep conversation to a whisper during class time. 

  • Please do not let children touch equipment or go into the studio without the permission of a staff member. 

  • Please refrain from mixing genders in the dressing room/restrooms, regardless of age. 

  • Small children and siblings are not permitted to run or play on the hardwood floors or Marley without the teacher’s permission. Please support this rule by keeping all small children carefully monitored. 

  • Never leave small children unattended at any time. 

  • Children are welcome to enjoy the fresh air outside, but must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

  • Please refrain from exploring the privately owned grounds at Lookout Lake or touching the equipment. Stay on the lawns while waiting, due to our liability coverage. If you’d like to use the canoes, fish, hike, gazebo, playground etc., please reach out to the owner (Diana Meadows, ((423) 364 - 8244)) to schedule a tour, learn the boundaries and discuss a membership to the property.



  • Our Ballet Esprit website is the primary source for all information about our school ( 

  • Our social media status updates are also posted to this site so that you can find emergency information as it becomes available. This allows us to provide the most recent and comprehensive information to our parents and students 24/7. 

  • You may contact our office via email at or your teacher’s by individual text.

  • The Ballet Esprit social media pages are used for general announcements and updates. This should be used as a secondary source of information.

  • Newsletters are posted on our website, and notices will be emailed to our families when they are available. Each issue contains important helpful information.


  • Enrollment in a ballet class commits a student to all rehearsals for the end-of-the-year performance as a priority over all other activities the student may be involved in during the year.

  • Absent dancers are ill prepared and undermine the confidence of the entire group. Also, it is very confusing to work around empty spaces. 

  • Performances and Concerts are considered a priority for all students, and other conflicting events should be secondary to preparations for these programs. 

  • All classes will have an Open Studio Observation Week at the end of the Winter Quarter, last week in March. These will be announced so all who may, can attend. Please check the calendar for these specific dates.



  • There will be an opportunity for you to observe your child’s class at a designated time during the first semester. Notification will be sent by individual teachers to their classes. 

  • When observing, please DO NOT bring young children who CANNOT sit quietly and watch class. Otherwise, it is best that parents refrain from staying to watch unless given the individual class teacher’s approval. 



  • If you need to speak with a faculty member, please request an appointment. 

  • Please refrain from "meeting" with the faculty member in-between classes. 

  • Teachers have limited time before, during, and after classes. 

  • Please give faculty members enough notice so that they have adequate time to prepare and discuss your questions or concerns.



Preparation for Class 

  • Students should always go to the bathroom before class. 

  • Students may use the areas in front of the benches in the studio for stretching before class.

  • Students should not stretch in hallway in front of the bathrooms or in front of any entrances or exits or anywhere else they may be in the way

  • Keep these areas clear of bags and personal belongings. 

  • Please pick up stray bobby pins as they tear up the vacuum cleaners. 


Class Etiquette 

  • Cell phones may not be used for any reason during class without specific permission from the teacher. 

  • Classes may not be filmed without a teacher’s specific permission. 

  • Students are not allowed in the studios unless a faculty or staff member is present. 

  • No food or drink other than water in the studios. Water breaks are given with permission of the teacher 

  • No chewing gum in studios. 

  • No hanging on the barres in the studio. 


Conduct while on The Premises 

  • Students are not permitted to run inside. 

  • Students are not permitted to make excessive noise in entryway or restroom areas. 

  • Students are expected to keep the facilities clean by picking up after themselves and throwing away all trash. 



  • Teaching a child the meaning of commitment is another basic building block of character, and commitment takes effort! We ask each family to donate volunteer hours each semester towards our program. These hours can come in many forms, errands, supplies, stage crew etc. Let us know where your gift and talents lie, so we complement one another in the process. 

  • If your dancer seems discouraged, please let us know. Many times there may be a simple solution to the problem. Sometimes, an extra dose of encouragement may do the trick! 

  • Parents of young children: Please arrive in time to assist your child into the dress code for class and have their hair appropriately fixed. 

  • Parents of older children: Please arrive in enough time for your child to dress, fix hair, warm up and stretch before class. 

  • Please have students go to the bathroom before class. 

  • Please park in our designated parking behind the building

  • If you move, please be sure to update your contact information through the Ballet Office or email


  • A dancer's attire greatly determines the attitude toward her/his class work, and therefore we require that the standard of appropriate neatness be observed at all times. The teacher may not allow class participation by a student who regularly neglects this requirement. 

  • For female students in all Divisions: 

    • Should wear pink-footed, convertible tights and pink ballet shoes in all ballet classes. Please do not wear tights with holes or bad runs and BE CERTAIN all shoes have the elastic properly sewn onto the shoe. 

    • No underwear should be worn under tights. Both the tights and leotards have cotton lined panels. It can be compared to a bathing suit. 

    • Leotards should be plain and solid in color without imprints, designs, attached skirt or ruffles. The leotard is the foundation used with rehearsal skirts during in-house and community performances. 

    • Skirts are NOT allowed in class. They are a distraction and are easily lost. 

    • Leg warmers are permitted in Enrichment or Intensive classes as a teacher allows and only up through degages. 

    • Stud and small earrings are the only permissible jewelry to be worn in class. Watches, necklaces, large rings and bracelets are potentially hazardous and cannot be worn in class.

    • Rehearsal dress for any dancer involved in any school rehearsal is standard class uniform. Rehearsal skirts, or any other layers worn over the leotard will be permitted by the choreographer overseeing the rehearsal.

  • We look forward to supplying your uniform needs. To ensure proper fittings, please shop from our boutique conveniently located onsite. If perchance we are out of stock, we can order for you or dance attire may be purchased from the following stores: 

  • The Batterie 3809 Dayton Blvd, Red Bank, TN 37415

  • We will gladly receive any out-grown dancewear or shoes for our borrower’s box.

  • We will also gladly receive any costumes that are in good condition for our costume closet.

     .            *No T-shirts, boxers, shorts, or baggy outerwear is to be worn in class.




























  • Do not wear dance shoes outside! Oils and dirt are hazardous when tracked into the studios and are damaging to the shoes. 

  • Shoes must fit properly. Dance shoes fit snugly and are not fitted with room to grow. Gaps and bagging are signs of an improper fit. 

  • Toenails should be trimmed regularly and cut straight to avoid ingrown nails. 

  • Do not sew elastic or ribbons on the shoes if you are unsure of the fit or do not know where or how to sew them on. Have your teacher check and approve the shoes first. Elastics may never be knotted and wrapped around the bottom of the foot. 

  • Leather shoes will stretch. Canvas shoes will not. 

  • Cross the drawstring and pull taut around your foot, then tie and tuck into the shoe. Never use the drawstring to fit the shoe. This could injure the skin or tendon. 

  • Laces, ribbons, and ties must be neatly secured or tucked in. 

  • A small crochet hook or safety pin is helpful in retrieving a drawstring that has withdrawn into the casing. 


Pointe Students 

  • Do not purchase pointe shoes before consulting with your teachers. At least one year of Pre Pointe, two years of enrollment in the Intensive Division (3 technique classes per week), & their Pediatrician’s consent, are prerequisites to a field trip with a teacher to fit a student’s first, sometimes 2nd, pair of pointe shoes.

  • Do not sew ribbons or elastic onto shoes until the faculty confirms the fit and gives instructions on how to sew them. 

  • Dancers should learn to sew their own shoes. This is their responsibility, not their parent's. If they are ready for pointe, they're ready to sew! Look for the Ballet Esprit sewing workshop for all new pointe students. 

  • Experienced dancers should pre-tape their toes prior to technique class to limit the amount of time taken to put on pointe shoes for pointe class. 

  • Convertible tights must cover the entire foot for pointe. Mid-calf tights are not appropriate for pointe technique class. 

  • Each dancer must dispose of his/her own Band-Aids, Band-Aid wrappers, and discarded tape to ensure cleanliness and a healthy workspace. Toenail polish is detrimental to toenail strength needed for pointe work and not recommended. 

  • Follow the instructions of the faculty regarding the care, longevity techniques, and storage of pointe shoes.



Ages 3  – 6 : 

  • Classical Ballet buns are preferable, BUT lazy buns are acceptable with teacher approval during class. Hair should be secured away from the face with clips or barrettes. 


Ages 7 - 12 : 

  • Always wear hair neatly in a classical ballet bun with loose hair pinned or clipped away from the face. Hairspray or gel can help. 


Ages 13 + :

  • French Twists are the preferred performance hair style and appropriate, along with a classical ballet bun for technique classes, and rehearsals. Hair may be worn in a ponytail or braid for Modern Technique.


Instructions for Styling Hair 

1. Brush hair smooth. Remove all tangles.

2. Spray hair lightly with hair spray. Smooth hair with hands and secure wisps, layers or short ends into a ponytail and secure with a braided elastic band. (Do not use rubber bands. They tear hair.) 

3. Secure sides and back hair with clips or barrettes 

4. Divide the ponytail into two sections, and twist two or three sections and braid. 

5. Wrap each section of twisted or braided hair clockwise around the braided elastic band, and secure with hair and bobby pins as you wrap 

6. Place the hair net over the bun; twist the net over the bun at least two times. Tuck ends of hair net into the bottom of the bun, and secure with hair or bobby pins. 

7. Spray hair and bun with hair spray to set. Smooth with hand or comb.


















Shorter Hair: 

1. Chin length hair - This length is difficult to place hair in a bun. Pull hair into a ponytail, securing the sides back away from face with clips or barrettes. Spray heavily with hair spray to set. 

2. Very short hairstyles should pull sides away from face. Long bangs secured back with clips to keep from eyes. 


Why do dancers wear their hair this way? 

Credible professional dance schools require their students to wear their hair up for class. The correct use and placement of the head and neck are very important in dance for concentration and balance. Hair must be removed from these areas to allow instructors to see the development, technique, and growth of the head, neck, and shoulders. This allows faculty to give proper corrections to help students achieve the desired results. Unsecured hair is distracting and can throw a dancer off balance, especially when turning. Bangs and wisps can cause shadowing on the face and create a short look to the forehead. A uniformed look is desired in class and is essential for neat grooming, confidence, and conscientiousness. This demonstrates the value of being prepared, encourages individual artistic expression, and provides visual ease for the teacher's corrections.


Our studios are on private property, graciously providing facilities for Ballet Esprit. We want to cooperate in their vision to preserve the land in every way possible by respecting the buildings, grounds, and staff’s privacy.  All snacks must be eaten on the benches outside or in designated areas unless a student has special permission from a teacher. Please do not leave TRASH OR FOOD anywhere. A failure to observe this policy may result in the loss of the privilege of bringing snacks inside. Be sure to PICK UP ALL TRASH, leaving no wrappers, or drink cans/bottles ANYWHERE around the premise. Recycling bins are available as well, but we prefer reusable containers onsite. 



We want to, once again, tell you how much we appreciate your presence with us this year. 

Our hopes are that Ballet Esprit will bless your entire family and be a joy in your life. 

Please extend much grace for us as we endeavor to pursue excellence in the training that we offer your children. 


Rooted and Grounded in Love, 

The Faculty and Staff of the Ballet Esprit

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